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Table: SharePoint
e-Learning videos Your Credit Report Your Rights and Responsibilities. Picture of a man and a woman with the text Do you know your rights and responsibilities in the centre. Until you have a plan, you're only dreaming. Picture of a woman with thought bubbles of a family, a house and a plane.

e-Learning videos

Build your financial knowledge or enrich your Financial Basics workshops with our e-learning video series.

Your Credit Report

Did you know that you should check your credit report at least once a year? And it’s free by mail! Learn more here.

Your rights and responsibilities

What should you do if you feel your rights are not being respected?

Until you have a plan, you're only dreaming

Use this complete guide to learn how to better manage your money.

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Our vision: Empowering Canadian financial consumers and promoting responsible financial market conduct.



Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement: Creating Jobs and Opportunities for Canadians.
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Here's why you should lock your mobile phone

Tools and calculators

Credit card tools

What is the best way to choose and use a credit card?

Mortgage calculators

Are you shopping around for a mortgage?

Budgeting tool

Do you have a realistic budget?

Financial Goal Calculator

How can you achieve your financial goals?

Banking tools

Which bank accounts are right for you?


Recognize it. Report it. Stop it.
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