Educational programs

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), in collaboration with its partners, has developed several educational programs and materials to help Canadians increase their financial and personal money management skills and knowledge. 

These materials and several other FCAC resources are available free of charge to educators and program facilitators. FCAC’s educational programs have been used across Canada in learning institutions, by community groups and within the workplace.

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The City: A financial life skills resource

An 11-module learning program that teaches youth financial skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

 Target audience:  High school-age youth and teachers​
 May also interest:  Educators, parents, and community groups​
 Recommended for:  In-classroom learning, self-learning, Web-based learning​
​ Program modules: Accessible PDFs​
 Brochure:  The City PDF (512 KB)​
 The City HTML
 Training:  Online self-paced learning
​ Rate this program: ​ Evaluation form for teachers
 Evaluation form for students

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Financial Basics: A financial literacy workshop

A financial workshop to help young adults learn about budgeting, saving, credit, investing, fraud prevention and financial planning.

Target audience: Young adults and facilitators
May also interest: Post-secondary institutions, community groups, workplaces.
Recommended for: Workshops and in-person learning.​
Brochure: Financial Basics PDF (1 page, 258 KB)​
Financial Basics HTML
Rate this program: Evaluation form for facilitators
Evaluation form for participants​

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Your Financial Toolkit: A financial education program for adults

A comprehensive 11-module learning program that provides basic information and tools to help adults manage their personal finances and gain the confidence they need to make better financial decisions.

Target audience: Adult self-learners and trainers​
May also interest: Employers, educators and community groups​
Recommended for: Self-learning, Web-based learning, training or workshops​
Brochure: Financial Toolkit PDF (1 page, 186 KB)
Rate this program: Evaluation form​​

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Additional programs

Make it Count: A resource for youth money management
Presented by Manitoba ​Securities Commission

Make it Count is an interactive mentoring program which provides parents and instructors with activities and information to help them incorporate discussions about finances and money management into their daily routine; easily turning everyday situations into education.

Developed by the Manitoba Securities Commission, the program includes a parent’s guide and an instructor’s guide. The Make it Count parent’s guide centers around a series of activities and money management tips for you to share with your children. The Instructor’s guide contains discussion questions, classroom activities, black-line masters and teacher tips for ease of instruction.

Target audience: Primary school-age youth, parents
May also interest: Primary school teachers, educators, instructors
Recommended for: Parental guided learning
Teacher-lead classroom learning—Grades 4 to 8
Training: Visit the parent’s resource
Visit the instructor’s resource






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To learn more about why financial literacy matters and what other tools are available to educators and facilitators, visit the For educators and facilitators section.


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