Financial Literacy Month

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Prevent and protect against fraud and financial abuse

Get to know common types of fraud

The first step in protecting yourself against fraud is knowing to recognize various types of fraud and be aware of the techniques that fraudsters use.

Review your bank statement monthly

Debit cards can be targeted by criminals who use complex tactics to capture your personal information. Make sure that you authorized all the transactions listed on your account statement.

Learn to recognize the signs of financial abuse

Anyone can be a victim of financial crime, but when it comes to financial abuse and fraud, seniors are one of the most targeted groups. Protect yourself, or your loved ones, by taking a few simple steps.

Services and information

About Financial Literacy Month (FLM)

FLM celebrates its 5th anniversary! Find out everything you need to know about this year’s edition, as well as its history and accomplishments.

Promotional material

Help raise awareness about FLM 2015! This promotional toolkit offers you everything you need to effectively promote FLM and the importance of financial literacy in your community.

FLM Events

Find events taking place throughout November designed to help you strengthen your financially literacy and reach your financial goals.

Strengthening financial literacy in Canada

Take action to support the National Strategy for Financial Literacy—Count me in, Canada by rallying yourself behind the strategy’s goals and priorities.

Financial Literacy Newsletter

Subscribe to FCAC’s Financial Literacy Newsletter and stay informed on the latest news and activities happening throughout the country.

Canadian Financial Literacy Database

Find resources, events, tools and information on budgeting, money management, insurance, saving, investing, and taxes offered by various organizations across Canada, year round.

Financial literacy self-assessment quiz

Measure your financial skills and knowledge and find relevant resources to improve the management of your personal finances.

Resource database input tool

Would you like to count your organization in? Submit your organization’s resources and events for consideration.


Join the conversation

Join us on social media to stay current on financia​l literacy activities, learn useful tips and help raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy.

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