Social media guide — FLM 2015

The Financial Consumers Agency of Canada (FCAC) developed this document to provide ideas and suggestions to stakeholders on how they can use social media to help promote Financial Literacy Month across Canada.

Context and overview

November is Financial Literacy Month (FLM) in Canada. Through FLM, organizations across the country present resources, host workshops, seminars and other events to help Canadians learn how to manage their personal finances successfully.

This year’s FLM theme “Count me in, Canada” underlines the fact that building financial literacy in Canada depends on the involvement and efforts of all sectors, including governments, educators, financial service providers, employers and non-profit organizations.

Each week, FCAC will focus its social media messaging on different themes:

  • Week 1 (Nov 2-8): Launch of FLM and financial literacy in general
  • Week 2 (Nov 9-15): Manage money and debt wisely
  • Week 3 (Nov 16-22): Plan and save for the future
  • Week 4 (Nov 23-29): Prevent and protect against fraud and financial abuse

FCAC will mainly use Twitter and Facebook to promote FLM on social media. We invite you to follow FCAC’s accounts on these platforms and to share the content you feel relevant to your own mandate and objectives.


Join the conversation and share your FLM moments on social media using the hashtags below.

Main hashtags (all FLM activities)

English: #FLM2015

French: #MLF2015

Secondary hashtag (when possible, for content related to the National Strategy for Financial Literacy)

English: #CountMeInCA

French: #CompteSurMoiCA


FCAC has developed images that you can use on your channels to promote your FLM activities. Web banners, an image for social media and a poster are available here.

Sharing FLM daily challenges

Each day of FLM (starting on November 2), FCAC will post a challenge related to the week’s theme on Twitter and Facebook, inviting consumers to take a concrete and simple action to improve their financial skills or situation. These posts will consist of an image, accompanied by a short description and linked to a resource that consumers can use to perform the task. We invite you to share these challenges in your social media community to encourage Canadians to take actions and improve their financial literacy.

Hosting and promoting events

The Canadian Financial Literacy Database provides a list of the financial education events taking place across the country in November. If your organization is planning an activity for FLM, we invite you to submit information so that your event is included in the database.

FLM is also a great opportunity to promote the database and the financial literacy quiz​ in social media. To do so, you can incorporate these key messages into your FLM social media content.

Posting content related to FLM and financial literacy

Below is some suggested content that you can use to spread the word about FLM. You can use these messages as is or modify them to meet the specific needs of your target audience.

Week 1: Launch of FLM and financial literacy in general

  • Happy 5th Financial Literacy Month! Can we count YOU in? #FLM2015 #CountMeInCA
  • November is Financial Literacy Month. Visit and follow #FLM2015 and #CountMeInCA
  • Financial Literacy Month is the perfect time for Canadians of all ages to enhance their financial know-how #FLM2015
  • It is never too early or too late to increase your financial understanding, no matter your age or financial situation #FLM2015
  • This November, take time to learn new skills to help you make the financial decisions that are right for you #FLM2015
  • What's happening in your area during Financial Literacy Month? Find out here: #FLM2015
  • Ready to brush up on your financial knowledge? Take part in an activity for #FLM2015!
  • Test your financial know-how with the financial literacy quiz: #FLM2015
  • Don’t let your finances surprise you! Hundreds of resources to start managing your finances today #FLM2015

Week 2: Manage money and debt wisely

  • It’s never too early to learn smart money management. Games & quizzes to teach your kid: #FLM2015
  • Looking for ideas to teach your children about money? Tips & ideas for parents here: #FLM2015
  • The first step in smart money management is to make a budget. Start now: #FLM2015
  • Although useful and convenient, credit cards can be a very expensive way to borrow money #FLM2015
  • Start by repaying your debts with the highest interest rates or fees. For other debt management tips: #FLM2015

Week 3: Plan and save for the future

  • Buying a home is an exciting but overwhelming moment. Tools to guide you through each step of the process: #FLM2015
  • Coming up with the money to pay for school is a big challenge. Help for parents and students: #FLM2015
  • The earlier your start saving for retirement, the easier it will be to reach your financial goals #FLM2015
  • Pay yourself first! Set up an automatic transfer every paycheque to a savings account #FLM2015

Week 4: Prevent and protect against fraud and financial abuse

  • Anyone can be a victim of fraud. The first step in protecting yourself & your financial info is prevention #FLM2015
  • Check your credit report at least once a year and make sure all the accounts listed are yours #IdTheft #FLM2015
  • Never give your PIN to anyone. You could be held responsible for amounts taken from your bank account: #FLM2015
  • Keep your retirement investments safe against fraud and financial abuse #FLM2015

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