Promotional material—FLM 2016

This November, join the quest for greater financial literacy in Canada! Use the material on this page in your marketing and communications for Financial Literacy Month (FLM) 2016. Get involved by spreading the word about FLM!

Marketing products 

Download these marketing products for use in electronic or printed communications to help promote FLM 2016 and your organization’s financial literacy activities and events.


Download the infographics below to promote FLM 2016 and the weekly subthemes.​

Week 1 (November 1-5): Start with a budget

Week 2 (November 6-12): Live within your m​eans

Week​ 3 (November 13-19): Know your rights and responsibilities​

Week 4 (November 20-26): Have a ​savings plan

​Social media

Check out the social media guide for ideas on how you can help promote FLM 2016 on your social networks.

Join the FLM conversation using the hashtag #FLM2016. Connect with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada via: