Seven tips to stay on top of your finances during a postal service disruption

Table: SharePoint
Table: SharePoint

​In case of a Canada Post service disruption, you will not receive your statements for credit cards, loans, mortgages and deposit accounts in the mail. You will also not receive utility bills or other invoices by mail. However, you are still responsible for making your payments on time.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada encourages you to pay close attention to bills that will be due in the weeks ahead. Take steps to ensure you are aware of the amounts you owe and the due dates, and arrange to make your payments on time. If you miss a payment, or make a late payment, you may have to pay late payment charges. You also risk damaging your credit score.

Statements for banking products

  1. Consider switching to electronic statements.
  2. Use online or telephone banking services, go to an ATM, or visit a branch of your financial institution to find out the amounts you owe on your credit cards, loans or mortgage, and make your payments.
  3. Think about setting up automatic bill payments, using your financial institution’s online banking services.

  4. Other bills and invoices
  5. Visit the company’s website or call for information about your bill and how you can pay it. You can usually pay your bill using your financial institution’s online banking services.
  6. Check whether you can set up electronic notifications and payments for your bills. 
  7. If you receive cheques by mail from some organizations, contact them to find out how you can receive those payments in other ways.
  8. Consider signing up for direct deposit to avoid delays in receiving payments.

Government benefits

Delivery of cheques for the following benefits will not be affected by a Canada Post service disruption:

If you receive provincial or territorial benefits, contact your provincial or territorial government to find out how the Canada Post service disruption affects you.

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